Product Ideation & Strategy
Product Idea
Product Ideations
Leverage us to conduct strategy sessions to bring together all parts of your team -product owners, Designers, Developers, QA and Architects-to leverage the insights, experiences, and ideas to inspire new and better solutions.
Product Design
Explore a holistic approach of building your products from start to finish. Use a Hypothesis-first mindset that encapsulates all complex aspects of modern product development-from market research to product analytics to user experience-to
GTM (Go-To Market) Strategy
Confidently deliver your unique value proposition to customers and gain competitive advantage.
Product Development
Product Development
Hypothesis-Driven Development
Develop product features as a series of experiments that validate or disprove hypotheses in complex problem domains with many uncertainities, in order to find viable ideas or fail fast.
Domain-driven Design
Build robust products that mirror the problem domain as closely as possible, with the help of software development approaches like DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing.
Protean Framework
Protean is a Python Framework that encourages domain driven desgin, providing the tools necessary to express your business logic succinctly and precisely while remaining agnnostic to underlying technology. Protean provides a toolkit that helps you express your domain succinctly and precisely in code, while allowing you to pick and choose(or even replace) underlying technology infrastructure as per the needs of yor product.