Why You Should Focus On Outcomes Rather Than Features

When making decisions about how to better your product, it’s important to consider the outcomes you want to achieve. The added features are what will get you to that outcome, but that’s not where you should start. To solve problems most effectively, start by thinking about the outcome you want, then brainstorm ways to achieve it. #productconsulting #softwareprojects #outcomes

The Difference Between Libraries, Frameworks, And Platforms

Libraries, frameworks, and platforms all help you build applications with ease. Libraries give you the most control. You can use these small pre-written pieces of code to build your application from the ground up. Frameworks let you bring larger pieces, or templates, together to create your final product. Platforms include ready-made services and are the largest pieces you can use to create applications. Do you have experience using libraries, frameworks, or platforms? #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

This Is Why We Created Protean

Applications change over time. When you first create a product, you cannot guess how it will evolve. That’s the nature of innovative products. However, these changes increase complexity, which can cause potential issues in the future. Protean was built to understand how to keep complexity low while maintaining the quality of the product. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

Why Constant Learning Is Key In The Development Process

What’s the purpose of learning? 🤔 You want to learn to do development activities in a meaningful way so that you can reach your business goals. Focus on learning things you don’t feel confident about, whether those things play a small or large role. As your knowledge grows, you can create better products. #productconsulting #softwareprojects #knowledge

This Is Why You Should Use Events-Based Approaches

“As-you-go” approaches, where things are written and done ad hoc, tend to get very complicated over time. 🤔 When you change something, it can create a ripple effect and prevent progress. However, there are steps you can take to limit complexity. Through events-based approaches, complexity is controlled so that while it naturally increases over time, it doesn’t do so exponentially. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

3 Common Mistakes When It Comes To Documentation

There are 3 common mistakes that often occur in the process of documentation. 📝 1. It’s treated as a separate activity from development. Really, it should follow directly after development as a part of that process. 2. It’s often redundant. Your documentation shouldn’t just be a brain dump. It needs to be organized in a way that’s easy to refer to later. 3. It’s too complex. There’s no need to spend a ton of time creating extremely detailed diagrams. Have you made any of these mistakes? 🤔 Don’t worry, it’s not too late to make changes to your process for the future. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

How Can Innovation Accounting Be Applied To Maintenance?

Through innovation accounting, you can capture and quantify your costs when you build a product. 💲 A similar approach can be used for the maintenance stage as well. This process can help you define your strategy and determine your base so that you can plan your next steps. It allows you to easily see what you should focus on and what you should change when you release your next version of the product. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

How To Break Down The Product Development Life Cycle

There are multiple stages in the product life cycle. At each stage, planning is very strategic and there are many people involved. Within each stage, you should have multiple phases. These phases include smaller goals and tasks that will help you reach the overall goal of each stage. Within each phase, you should also have sprints, which are even smaller tasks that will help you work toward the goals of each phase. This system helps you prioritize what needs to be done and keeps everyone on the same page. 😃 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

What Are Libraries And Why Should You Use Them?

When you’re ready to create a product, you may not want to build every aspect from scratch. If you want to get to market as quickly as possible, libraries are great tools to use. They save you time and energy that you would use if you had to create your entire product from scratch. 👍 These pre-made pieces of code have proven to be stable, so they are ready to use in your products. You can use one or more to create your application. Have you used a library before? #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

How To Write Code For Products With Multiple Capabilities

When you build a product, you need to think about how the domain is presented outside, then mirror your technology components to reflect how the domain looks. You also need to build it in modular pieces so that complexity is localized. You don’t want a change to one piece to cause an accidental change to another. 🙅‍♂️ To avoid problems like this, make sure that the interactions between domains are well-defined. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

What Are Events And Why Are They Important?

An event is something that happens in the environment that is important to the product system. In every business, there is a series of events that occurs in order to get the product or service to the customer. When you have a clear series of events, the process is easier to convey to others and the system runs more smoothly overall. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

Why It's Important To Be Results-Oriented

It’s important to be results-oriented when you are creating a product.👍 When you focus more on the feature than the goal of the feature, you may create something that doesn’t actually serve the customer or get you closer to your goals. Think about the results you want to achieve 💭, then work backwards to determine what steps you should take to get those results. #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

The 6 Sources of Knowledge For Documentation

Knowledge needs to be preserved so that it can be passed on to others. 📝 Where do you pull this knowledge from? 🤔 There are 6 important sources that you should include in your documentation process. These are: ✔️ Product Specs ✔️ Infrastructure ✔️ Onboarding ✔️ Source Code ✔️ Test Cases ✔️ User Guides What you don’t know can hurt you, so it’s important that your knowledge is transferred to others who need it now and in the future. 👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

When Should You Choose A Framework?

During the Minimum Viable Product stage, you are working to build something that is valuable to customers. This is when the original production occurs. This stage is also when you should choose your framework. You need to lay down your foundation so that you are prepared for what you will build in the future.👍 #productconsulting #softwareprojects #softwaredevelopment

How To Minimize Complexity And Create Sustainable Products

There are 2 main aspects to consider when you’re building sustainable software products. 👨‍💻 First, the code should mirror the real problem. If it doesn't, it will become complex due to changes over time. The code should also be built on proven architectural principles. Secondly, you should think about what technology is the best fit for your product. Consider the potential for growth and how you might want to change the technology in the future.

How Your Goals Can Help You Make Decisions

In each stage of the product development process, you have certain goals. These goals determine the strategy, scenarios, and metrics you will use. When your goals are clearly defined, your decisions about what to prioritize are much easier to make.

Why You Should Break Down Your Vision Into Smaller Stages

Many people make the mistake of thinking too big when developing software. If you think too big and take too long to deliver your product, there is a greater chance that you will make mistakes. Break your big goal into smaller stages and test them along the way.

The Importance of Frameworks and Why You Should Choose Them Consciously

In this discussion, we talk about what frameworks are, their importance in software development, and how to choose them deliberately.

These Are The Costs Associated With Software Maintenance

There are 4 types of costs associated with maintenance. 💰 There are development costs, operational costs, people costs, and other costs. It’s important to plan in advance and determine how much you will spend on each of these categories.

A Brief Introduction to Protean

Building applications that need to evolve and grow over time and handle complexity well can be a challenging exercise. Protean is a framework that encloses the mental model and a practical code framework to build ambitious applications.

What Are The 5 Qualities Of Good Requirements?

Requirements should be organized with longevity in mind. The qualities of good requirements include: 👍 Easy to Remember 👍 Effortless to Capture 👍 Temporal 👍 Leading to Code 👍 Simple to Maintain When you think about these things when defining your requirements, everything can be sustained moving forward.

Consider This Important Aspect When You Develop Software Products

As the number of users increases and your product grows, there is a need to deliver faster. 📈 You need to be able to produce more value for customers. Everything you do should be geared toward the goals of building sustainable software and limiting complexity so that it will always run quickly.

Simple Practices for Predictable Software Development

In this discussion, we explore a few aspects that can help build and deliver software reliably, irrespective of technology, domain, or use case.

The 1st Factor To Consider In Your Maintenance Strategy

People often have difficulty managing maintenance because they don’t have a metric to measure it. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Your strategy has to include variables and metrics that are measurable in order to quantify what you’re doing.

How Do You Prioritize Product Requirements?

Where are you in the product journey? It’s important to answer this question because the problems you may face differ at each stage. If you identify where you are, you will likely save money and prevent user issues later on. Your priorities are determined by your context.

These 3 Aspects Of An MVP Will Determine Your Product's Success

The key purpose of your MVP is to test your hypothesis. Breaking it down: 1. Minimum - You build just enough to prove value and test your assumptions. 2. Viable - Your product should be fully functional and capable of sustaining business. 3. Product - Your MVP should be a real working product, not a mock. Links: - Home: - Blog: - All Webinars:

How To Make Your MVP Count

In this Mastermind Series webinar, we discuss the basics of an MVP, what it stands for, and outline a pragmatic process for a successful MVP. Links: - Home: - Blog: - All Webinars:

The Bulls-eye Approach to Defining Business Problems Using Events

Define Business Problems succinctly enough to bring Business Users and Developers together. Learn the benefits of Event Modeling. Links: - Home: - Blog: - All Webinars:

Strategies that will help you deliver software maintenance at lower costs

In this webinar, we discuss the maintenance phase of a Product's life cycle and explore strategies that can help lower costs. Links: - Home: - Blog: - All Webinars:

How To Confidently Prioritize Features

A mini-series on product planning basics with tools to deal with common prioritization scenarios. We walk through the various stages of a Product Lifecycle, identifying the right things to prioritize in each stage, and also illustrate the process with an example product feature. Links: - Home: - Blog: - All Webinars:

The Ultimate Approach to Lockstep Business Requirements with Software

Keeping business goals, business domain knowledge, architecture, design, processes, and deployment in sync improves the chances of success. Links: - Home: - Blog: - All Webinars:

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